Sharps Bins

So Why Do I Need A Sharps Unit?

If you run a business such as a Hairdressers, Barbers or Beauty Salon you should all have a sharps disposal unit for razor blades and the fine needles used in many beauty treatments. 

What is sharps waste? 

Sharps consist of sharp instruments including Hypodermic Needles, Scalpels, Knives etc. The responsible disposal of sharps forms part of your duty of care. We will provide you with secure sharps disposal units advising you every step of the way.

Our sharps units are also ideal for schools & colleges looking to provide safe sharps disposal for their employees and children with diabetes and other severe allergies.

Many employees require a safe way to dispose of auto injectors and so a sharps disposal unit is a must for any first aid room. 

What types of businesses require sharps units?

• Any business that employs staff, who have a medical condition and require safe sharps disposal.
• Doctors Surgeries & Health Centres
• Veterinary Surgeries
• Dental Practices
• Shopping Centres
• Department Stores
• Local Authorities
• Residential & Nursing Homes
• Gyms and Health Centres

Our sales team can advise on your legal obligations when it comes to Sharps Disposal Units, We can also advise on which service frequency which best suits your business requirements.