Mice Pest Control

House Mouse (Mus musculus)
Light brown or grey to black in colour with lighter bellies, small rounded ears and long tails which are hair covered but much less so than their bodies. Adult mice will grow up to 20cm in length from nose to tip of the tail. Mice will gnaw on anything, squeeze through gaps of 6mm and leave droppings and urine trails everywhere they go, and of course they breed extremely quickly.
So call Ace to help you get the infestation under control, we also offer a Sanitation service to keep you safe from risk of disease.

How to Identify Mice

  • Droppings widespread measuring approx. 3 to 6mm long, cylindrical with rounded ends.
  • Smear marks- when a mouse constantly travels in and out of and area it will leave grease from its fur causing a dark brown/ black mark.
  • Kibbling-Mice will gnaw things and leave behind tiny bits of the said object.
  • Damage-objects will become damaged such as electrical wires, food products and packaging, insulation and anything they come across really.
  • Noises-scratching or squeaking in walls or voids

​Possible Treatments

  • Inspection/Survey
  • Proofing
  • Trapping
  • Rodenticides
  • Glue boards
  • Non-toxic monitoring

Useful Tip / Interesting Fact

Mice tend to eat 15-20 times a day. They are sporadic feeders meaning this will be from many different places. Mice spend 70% of their time off of the floor and prefer to climb and jump.

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