Hornets Pest Control

European hornets (Vespa Crabro) are the most common you will encounter although in recent years the Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia) has been found in the U.K Our native hornets (European) are as pictured here, the Asian hornet is largely black at the front (thorax and first part of abdomen) and tend to nest very high up.

If you feel you may have either species we would advise to stay clear of them and Call Ace.

How to Identify Hornets

  • Large up to 5.5cm in length
  • Regular Hornets flying to and from the nest site
  • Similar to wasps but much larger and more brown and yellow not black and yellow
  • Nests in trees, on poles, in eaves etc

Useful Tip / Interesting Fact

Asian giant hornets are the largest Hornets in the world and will bite of bees heads to attack their hives and steal the honey.
In Asian honey bees will surround the hornets and smother it and kill it, by overheating as the bees can survive at a higher temperature than the hornets by just a few degrees, however bees in the U.K have not learned this defence yet

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